January 11, 2012

Good Hair Day

Don't you just love the feeling of a good hair day? 

I feel like the days my hair turns out right my make up looks good, my mind feels right, clothes fit better and even food tastes better.

....maybe I got a little carried away but you get what I'm saying, right? 

Well I am having one of those days today.  :]

I have tried to pay attention to what makes a good hair day for me and so far this is what I have found works: 

-I've gone 3-5 days without washing my hair and then the day when I wash it I am in hair heaven
-I don't wash and dry my hair before bed, I do it in the morning
-In the shower I cocktail some of my shampoo's (yessss I have more than one shampoo, but we'll get to that later)
-I use minimal product and let it air dry for a bit before using a round brush and blowdryer on it
-finally I let my hair dictate my part that day, always seems to fall into something just a bit different but man oh man it looks so good

what do you find gives you the best hair day??


  1. You've got gorgeous hair! And I've been wanting to bob my hair for a while now, but I can't muster up the courage. I have too round of a face that I think it would look awkward on me.

  2. aw thanks :] We study face shapes A LOT at school and actually a bob would be beautiful on your face....usually you'd want to go with an A-line so it gives a nice shape around it creating almost a reese witherspoon chin look-if that makes sense, so I say go for it. It's just hair, it'll grow back and you'd be surprised how simple an a-line bob is to maintain. xx

  3. HOLY MOLY. GREAT hair. :) So cute.