January 16, 2012

hair extensions

 When learning about hair extensions I never thought I would be interested in doing them, it just didn't sound appealing to me at all.  But this week at school I changed my opinion of the whole hair extension thing.

One of my friends decided she wanted to change her extensions after 4 months of having long platinum hair (her real hair sits at her collar bone), so myself and another friend-Mills-from our class decided to be apart of this "little" project. 

Mills took out all of her old extensions and then we both did her retouch of blonde all over; during the past 4 months she's gotten some serious regrowth from where her extensions were so we needed to get that freshened up before we put the new ones in.  The next day we had the hair extensions in for some color, so after some formulating the girls came up with some amazing colors.  Finally on Thrusday I finished coloring the rest of the hair extensions and getting them ready for us to put in that night.  Once we figured out the execution and the placement of the different hair colors we got on a total groove and had them knocked out in three hours.

I fell in LOVE with the whole process. 
I loved that there was so much organization and such a dramatic change. 

  1. Removing the extension
  2. coloring the new ones
  3. organzing how they'd be placed
  4. beading them in so they would lay ever so perfectly
  5. cutting them and blending them with her real hair 

I was blown away by the end result.  Stunning.  :]


  1. i felt the same way with hair extensions! i've been trying different kinds (glue, weaves, clips, ) for the last 7 years! such an easy way to go from a simple look to a sexy simple look!

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    1. beads are definitely the best route since they tend to not ruin your hair as much but so much fun right!! :) thanks for being my first follower xx