how I got here

People ask me all the time how I ended up going to cosmetology school, so I figured you might be wondering the same thing.  Usually I have the condensed version of the story, but I thought I'd elaborate a bit more for those interested. 

Short Story:
I was always interested in owning my own business and in high school I mentioned the idea of going to cosmetology school but my parents wanted me to get my bachelor's degree first and then pursue it if I still had the desire.  So after graduating from ASU in December of 2010 and working in hotels all through college I decided I wanted to go back to school...but rather than grad school like most of my friends I applied at Kohler Academy (now Penrose Academy) and started in May of 2011.  Haven't regretted it at all, much more fun than grad school and I've made some incredible friendships along the way that I sort of missed out on in college since I was working full time and going to school full time. 
Long Story:
When I was in high school I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I "grew up" but I kept mentioning to my mom that I'd love to open up my own business like a salon or flowershop one day-all through high school I worked at a flowershop :] I talked about going to cosmetology school after graduating but my mom and dad really pushed for me to pursue that after I got a degree-if I was still interested in doing that after graduating. 

My freshman year of college was spent at the University of Utah and I had an incredible time, I lived in the dorms and experienced college life at its fullest.  The beginning of my second semester my dad met me at eggs in the city for breakfast and told me they had decided to move to Phoenix.  At the time I had never imagined leaving Salt Lake City, I love my friends and the beautiful mountains and city I called home, so I decided to stay behind.  My mom and dad moved in June of 2007 and with me being as close to them as I am, I decided after only a few months on my own in Salt Lake to join them in Arizona.  So on August 10th I pulled into my parent's driveway at their new home and tried not to tear up over how hot it was at 8:00pm.  After starting my sophomore year of college at Scottsdale Community College and finding myself a job in the hotel industry I was slowly starting to get comfortable in my new home, but still felt a little lost in where I was going. 

I remember this one night my parents and I went to dinner and a woman sitting at the table next to ours kept looking over at me like she knew who I was, I had the same feeling as I glanced at her a couple of times during dinner.  Towards the end of our dinner the woman came up and asked if I was Sarah Sheffield, I repsonded yes and she then told me that her daughter dated a friend of mine in high school and she recognized me from dance pictures her daughter Jordynn showed her...I hadn't seen this girl in years and now her mom was chatting it up with me at a restaurant all the way in Cave Creek, Arizona!!!  I of course asked how Jordynn was and she said that she just moved down there and was starting up at Kohler Academy which was supposed to be the "up and coming cosmetology school", I know all this detail seems silly but the fact that all these details are so vivid makes me feel as though where I am today was so meant to be.  After dinner that night I went home and checked out the website of the school and then ignored the thought of going to cosmetology school for the next 3 years.  

My last year in college I met my now boyfriend, Jim, and after coming over to his house after work enough times bummed out about what I was doing as my "career" choice he finally asked me what else I would want to do...I remember sitting on his couch and I instantly responded "doing hair and make up".  I babbled on about how I've always wanted to do it and how I always was getting complimented no how well I did my own hair and make up that it just seemed to be something I naturally knew how to do and would want to share with other people.  The next day at work I went online and looked up Kohler Academy, it had still been lingering in the back of my mind after all these years and thankgoodness all the reviews I had read seemed to point me in the direction of going to this school.  I set up an interview with Jen Rabbito and walked into the front of the school and instantly knew that I had found the right place to start this new journey.  Jen was incredible, I remember talking about angry birds with her and then getting to meet Jill Kohler on my tour...I saw Jill and said to myself "this woman is going to change me".  Two weeks later I figured out my plan and put in my notice at work and set up a new job in Bliss Spa while I attended school, everything fell right into place only solidifying my decision to go back to school.  

Going to Kohler Academy has changed so much about me.  I don't think I have ever been this happy in my life, even on my lowest of days I still have such an upbeat attitude.  Not only have I learned techniques and the ins and outs of the industry but Jill Kohler and her staff truly effected me from day one and who I want to be as a person.  I am so proud to say I went to Kohler Academy and I am so lucky to have had the classmates I did; the memories I'll have from cosmetology school will never be forgotten and I couldn't be more excited to be apart of such a unique industry.