January 28, 2012

Blow Dry

one of my favorite things to do with hair is blowdry it.  such satisfaction :) hair goes from wet and drab to volumized and fab!

at Penrose we're taught bumble and bumble techniques and there is a lot of rhyme and reason to each of the different steps but I thought I'd share a couple that would be useful at home for all of you.  :)

1. power dry the hair so it's like 60-80% dry, but don't just shake you're blowdryer back and fourth because that will make your hair frizzy...insteady have the blow dryer follow your hands from the base of your head down your hair strands and just move around the different parts of your head.

2. focus on the base (the part of your hair closest to your scalp) of each section of hair and make sure it gets dry

3. be sure and let each section cool after being blow dried before running your fingers or a brush through it (you're setting the hydrogen bond with heat from your dryer so you want to make sure it doesn't break)

Here's one of my favorite blow dry's I've done recently... so gorgeous!!!

1 comment:

  1. I had no idea about not shaking the blowdryer back and forth! No wonder my hair is so frizzy after I dry it!