January 17, 2012

You Know You're A Hair Dresser When...

  1. You carry a black sharpie marker with you to cover up the bleach spots you splattered on your black t-shirt during a highlight.
  2. Half of the pictures on your camera are filled with your guest's before and after pictures.
  3. Lightener no longer burns when it touches your skin.
  4. You're having to constantly explaining to people that your hands aren't dirty they just have color all over them.
  5. The back of your car is filled with mannequin heads and all of their different scalps.
  6. You go home with "war wounds" between your fingers from the only men's cut you did that day.
  7. After a long day on the floor you look at the bottom of your shoes and it looks like you were marching through a forest floor covered with hair.
  8. You're trying to figure out if the girl standing in line at starbucks with the pretty highlights was toned with a V9 or a B9...or if she is just THAT lucky to get to that tone all on her own.
  9. We justify buying trashy tabloid magazines by telling ourselves "they're for my guest's to read while they're in the chair", when really we read them cover to cover first and then bring them into the salon.
  10. People who don't know what you do for a living assume you're gothic or just got back from a funeral since you always wear black clothing. 
  11. That new pair of shoes we just bought was justified by saying we're on our feet all day long and need new shoes constantly. 
That's all I could think of but I'm sure there'll be more to add in the future :)

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