June 13, 2012

LA LA Land

sooooo in April I had the opportunity to visit LA for a bumble and bumble color minded event.

it was so inspiring and such a unique opportunity.  myself and three other gals from my school got to attend and we were the ONLY students invited to the event.

Bumble and Bumble is one of my favorite hair product companies, as many of you know, and they recently launched their new color minded line that helps protect you hair color from the sun, heat and fading.  absolutely amazing.

here are a few snap shots from the weekend.  audrey and I stayed at W Westwood and partied like rockstars (okay not really, but we felt pretty damn cool...okay so no poking fun)

the bathroom in the standard hotel....a little racy ehh?

audrey and I dining like rockstars. 

see I told you, partying like rockstars!!

me and the gals at the SLS where the event was hosted. so pretty.  

audrey and gianna with howard!!!! OH EMM GEE

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