June 19, 2012

the start of my salon days...

so after finishing school I was able to get a position at a great salon in north scottsdale assisting one of their stylists.  I started the week after graduation so it was a great transition; but man oh man it was tough!  one of the things I loathe the most in life is starting a new job.  if I could just skip the part where you have to figure everything out and just jump forward to two months later when you're kind of settled in I totally would.  ugh!!

what my job consists of:
meeting our guests in the lobby
getting them settled with a beverage and a smock
shampooing for a hot dolla
deep scalp massages
small talk
tearing foils
cleaning color bowls
managing our daily schedule so we don't run behind
turning on and off curling irons, etc
picking up lunch
ordering color and supplies
paying our rent and other bills
organzing color cabinets
and generally being as on top of things and awesome as I can be

I do like what I'm doing and I have definitely learned some pretty cool things, but I have to admit to all of you that I just want to get my hands in some hair!!!!

thankfully we have a class every wednesday where we bring in models so it's nice to have that one night where I know I'll get to test out my skills and make the world a more beautiful place :)

if any of you ever are in need of some hair lovin' on a budget I would call one of the nicer salons in your area and ask if they have assitants that ever need hair models and give them your info...totally supervised great hair is done in these classes, and I have to say us newbies are probably a little more detail oriented than seasoned stylists.  just sayin.... peace, love and hair cuts.

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