July 2, 2012

Highlightin' and Lowlightin'

this last week I got the chance to do this pretty little lady's hair.

she has fine hair and is working on getting her hair to grow out and get healthier so we really didn't do much with the haircut other than clean it up and get rid of the dead ends.  also she loves to wear clip in extensions to give her fullness and length, so we just kept it simple so when she styles it (which she's super good at) it looked really natural and blended.

we loved the jennifer aniston honey lowlight and bright blonde highlight look, so we got rid of the roots and made it happen.  sorry the lighting is so dark, it was later that evening I realized I didn't take a before and after, so this will have to do...but I promise to be more on top of it for the future .  :)

one thing we talked about with her lowlight was that we were going to go just a shade darker than the desired level; the reason we did this is because it's summer time and she was on her way to california... so with being outside in the sun it would slowly lighten them up naturally and give her a longer lasting result with her color.

another thing we chatted about was getting her hair healthier, she's doing a mask one night a week before bed and then leaving conditioner on the ends when she showers during the week, that way they have a little more protection and stay hydrated.

such an awesome client, loved spending time with her and getting to know her hair a little bit more.

let me know if there are any questions my pretties.  

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